Hi, I am Richard Wygand a Dad on a mission. I am a father of a very special soul named Luke Wygand.  After years racing Ironman professionally for 12 years I decided to pursue my other passions, and that brings into reality: The Go Luke Wygand Foundation “be the light and Hakuna Matata”.

The go Luke Wygand Foundation operates in a few different levels, but with one common goal: help families with physical challenges Exceed. All the work I do with the Foundation is non profitable, here are the projects:

  • Fatherhood Rocks Podcast.
  • Midlife crisis s/a YouTube channel.
  • Team Higher Purpose.
  • Dedication, The Art of Hakuna Matata Book (coming soon).
  • The Sun kids book. (You can download for free here).

Hakuna Matata,

Richard Wygand


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