Hi, I am Richard Wygand I am a Dad (A Dad on a Mission), Husband, Reiki Master, primal health coach and former professional athlete. Since a young age I believed in one great power, THE POWER OF LOVE, and dedication is the bridge that give access to this great power.Dedication (1)

Back in 2003 I found myself unhappy, overweight and with an unhealthy lifestyle (drinking a lot and smoking), and I thought; what if I follow my dream? What if I follow my childhood passion of  being a professional athlete? That is what I did, however what I did not know is that this journey was leading me for something much grater then myself.

For 12 years I dedicated myself for racing Ironmans, until I became a Dad.

Becoming a Dad

My son was born with a rare muscle condition called nemaline myopathy. This condition is affect the muscles, causing muscle weakness. Without hesitation I retire from racing to dedicate myself to my son, my family and share the power of love.

Since my first transformation in 2003 I decided to only work based on passion, and after my son was born I can say I was able to put it all together. Yes, I was able to put all passions in one place. My passions are:

  • Sports
  • Health
  • Helping others
  • Writing

In September of 2017 the Go Luke Wygand Foundation was born, with the idea of helping families thrive. I made my coaching business part of the foundation, and 20% of all my programs go to the cause, including my books. lulu.png

I believed that with LOVE anything is possible, and we all have this power inside, we just need to turn it on.

with Gratitude,

Richard Wygand

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