Nutrition performance with Peter Defy

Source: Nutrition performance with Peter Defy

This is a great podcast for sports performance with Peter Defy the owner of

Peter also was the one that rescue me from veganism and helped me regain my health and my performance.

Here is more about Peter: 

You can also get my eBook, Bonk no more here:

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Richard Wygand – A Dad on a mission!

From vegan to keto

Source: From vegan to keto

Yesterday I came across with this article that a friend sent to me

and I decided to talk a bit of my experience.

I stopped being vegan because of my health and in this podcast I explain a little bit of why, and how.

Feel Good,

Richard Wygand- A Dad on a mission.

For more info check out:


Rowing marathon preparation

Source: Rowing marathon preparation

The rowing marathon for nemaline myopathy awareness is next week, so today we had a talk about the preparation, expectation and more for the event.

Here is an interesting talk between Graem and myself.

Here is about the event:

Remember to check out the event live on Facebook and YouTube, both at my channel: A Dad on a mission.

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Richard Wygand – A Dad on a mission.


Source: Mindset

Having the right mindset is everything when you want to change your life or face your life challenges. If you really want to exceed you must change your mindset first. My view of mindset is a bit different, why? Because I believe the “dark side” is here to teach you. Check it out this episode to know what I do to overcome.

Feel Good,

Richard Wygand – A Dad on a mission

Rowing marathon-My nutrition plan

Source: Rowing marathon-My nutrition plan

A week from now I will be doing a rowing marathon, and I had some people asking my nutrition approach for the marathon.

This podcast explains what I am going to do during the rowing marathon and I also talk about a bit of what I did on my past races.

My ebook “Bonk no more” is on it’s final details.

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Richard Wygand- A Dad on a mission

2 special needs Dad talking about Rowing marathon, fitness and Fatherhood

Hey everyone, this is a very cool podcast, where I talk to Alejandro another special needs dad. Alejandro is the one who gave me the idea of the rowing marathon, and now he decided to join us. In this podcast, we talk about fatherhood, special needs fatherhood, rowing marathon and a bit of spirituality as well. 

Hope you enjoy!

Feel Good,

Richard Wygand

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